2016-2017 Evaluation Highlights

We are pleased to share highlights of the comprehensive evaluation of our programs during the 2016-2017 school year.

Resilience Consultation Program

• 94% of educators working with Acknowledge staff reported an increased awareness of student social and emotional issues.

• 93% of educators reported using at least one strength-based strategy - such as talking supportively to students who are struggling, communicating high expectations to students and focusing on positive things students do rather than negative things - at least monthly to engage and reach their students.

• 90% of educators reported an increase in positive educator/student relationships.

• When asked which Social Emotional Learning topics were most useful, the top two categories that students reported were friendship and mindfulness, followed by problem solving and character strengths.

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"I am already empathetic and understanding of the lives of the students, but it is very easy to fall into a negative mindset about why students are behaving in certain ways and why they aren't doing what we are expecting. Making a conscious effort to view our students through an empathetic and understanding lens has made a huge difference to my teaching."
— Teacher

Collaborative Counseling Program

• 95% of Court and Community School students reported that their counselor listened to them without judgment and was someone they could trust.

• 93% of Transition students reported that counseling helped them to express their emotions constructively.

• 93% of Transition students were enrolled in school and working towards high school graduation.

• 100% of therapist interns we trained reported an increased understanding of the high-risk, multi-cultural adolescent population they worked with.

“Counseling was very helpful to me because it helped me express my feelings and thoughts with someone who actually listened to me and had good things to say about them. Also it was really helpful because I received tips and advice that helped me a lot throughout the whole time I’ve been here.” — High school student