Random Acts of Kindness

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We couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass without letting you know that we value you as our supporter and that we love all that you’re doing for our community. We hope that you continue to celebrate love and share joy throughout the weekend and consider a new tradition this Sunday, February 17, which is National Random Acts Of Kindness Day.

Random acts of kindness can improve our well-being, increase our sense of happiness, and reduce stress. Researchers have studied kindness and their studies indicate that helping others is beneficial to our own mental health. Kindness cultivates a mindset that puts compassion for others before our own interests. Kindness promotes gratitude and empathy. It helps us feel connected with others, which strengthens a sense of community and belonging.

In our Project Resilience social emotional learning curriculum, we explain to students that a random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a kind person to help a random stranger feel happier or better. We encourage students to perform a random act of kindness in their own time. They have an opportunity to share their experience with the class and reflect on their feelings in their journals. Teaching our youth kindness is important because not only does it help them feel good about themselves, they also help others feel good about themselves. Through these shared connections, they gain compassion and learn empathy, which contributes to a positive school culture for all.

We started a list of 10 random acts of kindness ideas to share with you:

  1. Smile and give a compliment to a stranger.

  2. Hold doors open for others.

  3. Let someone cut in front of you in line.

  4. Give up a good parking spot.

  5. Lend out your umbrella when it’s pouring outside.

  6. Help someone struggling with heavy bags.

  7. Pay for someone’s morning coffee.

  8. Send dessert to a fellow diner.

  9. Give someone a handwritten appreciation note.

  10. Leave a positive sticky note somewhere in the community.

One act of kindness can inspire a ripple effect of positive events, and even the simplest things can make a difference. Cheers to a celebration of love, joy and kindness!