Paolo LaraÑo, M.A.

Paolo, a current clinical psychology student at The Wright Institute, first had an opportunity to work with Acknowledge Alliance as a part of the Collaborative Counseling Program during his first year of clinical training. He feels thrilled and privileged to be back working with Acknowledge Alliance as part of the Resilience Consultation team. Paolo got his start working in crisis intervention and in-home behavioral therapy in New York City before returning home to the Bay Area. In addition to his work with adolescents during his first year at Acknowledge Alliance, Paolo has worked with adults, children, and families in various training settings throughout the Bay Area. Returning to work with Acknowledge Alliance felt like a “coming home” for Paolo, as he feels a strong connection with the organization’s grassroots history and strengths-based approach. As a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) facilitator, he loves the continued opportunity to find ways to connect with and support students and teachers alike.