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serge dougoud

Serge has 30 years of experience developing High Tech Products at Hewlett Packard and several start-ups doing Computers, 3D printers and CRM. He was deeply inspired by the founders at Hewlett Packard who created competitive yet supportive working environments — the best teams designing the best products were diverse teams working under the power of positive acknowledgement. In this spirit, Serge co-founded 2 start-up companies and 3 non-profits. He led several other non-profits in the domain of children causes and culture.

Serge’s passion for children causes started in the late 80’s in Switzerland where he tutored a handicapped teenager. In France, he mentored teens under the protection of the court system and later served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster children in California. During his child and step-children’s attendance in six Bay Area schools, Serge came to appreciate the value of school environments that are able to balance the pressure of a competitive environment with the help of supporting programs aimed to build emotional resilience.

Serge holds a Master in Mechanical and Materials Engineering from the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL). He is also a certified Life Coach and a NLP Master Practitioner.