Without the generosity of these dedicated individuals and foundations, our work at Acknowledge Alliance would not be possible. The list below reflects donations received for the fiscal year 2017, starting July 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2017.

1440 Foundation
Adventure Cat Sailing Charters
Amazon Smile Foundation
Amy Laden
Anna Jaklitsch
Anne Brown
Anthony and Mary Lou Schiavo
Anthony and Sue Atwell
Atkinson Family Foundation
Barbara and Gerald August
Barbara and Richard Tagg
Becky Vichiquis
Benjamin Picard
Beth and Ian Walton
Beverly Corriere
Bob and Tish Beyer
Bridgett Longust
Brooke Kernick
California Academy Of Sciences
Carmel Triska
Carolyn Compton
Carrie Dubois
Catherine Mckenzie
Cathy and Steve Lazarus
Chabot Space & Science Center
Charlotte Siegel
Chet and Carla Villalba
Christine Penland
Colleen Gormley   
Crystal Springs Golf Course
Curtis Sloan and Michael Chang
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
David and Margaret Laurance
Deborah Clark
Derald and Alicia Blackmore
Diane and Jory Moon
Diane Moon
Diane Toby and Jeff Lea
Diffenbaugh Foundation
El Camino Healthcare District
Ferrell and Page Sanders, Jr.
Fine Art Museums of SF
Gail and Fred Kittler
Galileo Learning
Gary Deeter
George and Judy Bulloch
George H. Sandy Foundation
Gladys and Ralph Lazarus Foundation
Grainger Marburg
Gregory Villalba and Margarita Berrios
Harriet Finkelstein
Helen and David Mackenzie
J. Lohr Vineyards and Wines
Jan Richmond
Jane and Gordon Haddow
Jane Bryan-Jones and Hardy Jones
Jane Sharninghouse
Janet and Milt Borgens
Jason and Christy Oliger   
Jean Hamilton
Jennifer Lezin
Jennifer Sullivan
Jessica Yuen
Joan Lane
Joan Willingham
John Bentley's
Johnson Family Foundation
Judith Gable
Judith Maurier
Kaiser Permanente
Karen Sortino
Kathleen Dunlap
Kathy Schmidt
Kay Remsen
Kira Steifman
Kristal Sanchez-Navarro
Lagunitas Brewing Co
Laura Alman Designs
Leah Reider
LeAnn Kanowsky
Leonard and Mary Jo Levy
Linda Keegan
Linda Min
Linda Sexton
Lois Holl
Lori McBride
Lorrie Castellano
Louise Paustenbach   
Luis Trabb-pardo and Sharmon Hilfinger
Lynn and andrew Newman
Lynn Mannix and John Kuntz
Lyra Ghose
M.J.  Myatt
Marcel Janssens
Marianne Ault-Riche
Marilyn Stallings
Mark and Jane Otsea   
Mark Wilson and Debbie Dalzell
Martin Lamarque
Mary Crocker Trust
Mary and Phil Bobel
Mary Ann and John Bogart
Mary Ann Norfleet
Mary Mastrobattista
Michael Gallagher
Michael Porcello
Milk Pail Market
Mills-Peninsula Health Services
Morgan Family Foundation
Nancy Ragey
Nvidia Employee Giving Program
Palo Alto High School   
Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Paula and Warren Jacobsen
Peninsula Health Care District
Peter Craske
Pomegranate Seeds
Randy Weingarten and Elizabeth Robinson
Rich and Judi Matlack
Richard and Susan Jacobsen
Richard Jacobsen
Richard Lenon and Leslie Hsu
Richard Morris
Robert and Barbara Lessing
Robert and Lillian Burt
Robert Half
Saint Michael's Alley
Sara Spang
Sarah Kadlic Gallery
Sarah Kremer and Jeff Haber
Scott Mobley
Sequoia Healthcare District
Sharon and Weo Moerner
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Simon and Jennifer Chang
Sky Ranch Foundation
Sobrato Family Foundation
Sprinkles Cupcakes
Steve Hams
Steve Hope
Sue Flood
Sundance The Steakhouse
Susan and Doug Solomon
Susan Levenberg and Paul Podrid   
Susan Speicher
Susan Williams-Clark
Susan Zweig
Sydney Lagier
Terese Brennan-Marquez
Terri and Tom Bailard
The Counter
The John and Marcia Goldman Foundation
The Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation
Theodore and Dorothy Anderson
Theodore and Frances Geballe
Thomas and Terese Brennan-Marquez
Thomas and Terri Bailard
Tim Griffith Memorial Fund
Timothy Adams Chocolates
Tina Dress
Tracy Leung Photography
Tracy White and JesseUrrutia
Ursula Moore   
Vicki Delegeane
Village Pub
William Mccraw and Janet Muscio
William Reller