Introducing our Forget-Me-Not Educator Honorees

Anne Brown
Principal, Barron Park Elementary School

I have been an educator for the last 28 years. I began my career in Cupertino Union School District, where I taught a variety of grade levels, became a principal at two schools and then worked as the Director of Human Resources. Missing students, I moved to Palo Alto Unified School District to return to the position of principal at Palo Verde Elementary School and now I serve as Barron Park Elementary School’s principal.

My passion is working with staff and students to establish a learning environment that promotes autonomy, belonging and competence, where students and staff thrive and are resilient. My own experience in school was not always the best. School did not always come easily to me, but my parents supported me and told me that if I tried my best, I would succeed. I work hard to establish and maintain an inclusive, safe and welcoming school where students are supported, in what every way they need, so that they too can have the opportunity to try their best and be successful.

In our rapidly changing world, it is imperative to help students become resilient. Many of the jobs our students will hold as adults have not even been dreamed of yet. I am thankful to Acknowledge Alliance for the work they do with students and adults in helping us all become more resilient and achieve a brighter future.  

Veronica Elias
Kindergarten Prep Teacher, Beechwood School

I have been an educator at Beechwood School since 2001. My focus is on teaching students from all walks of life, especially those who are often neglected emotionally and live under unnecessary emotional stress (that sometimes even adults find hard to deal with). My natural ability to see a child’s basic needs allow me to interact with every child at his or her own level. This positively shapes their social and emotional integration with society and helps them develop new cognitive skills.

I find my job as an opportunity to help children acquire strong educational foundations, so that they can learn how to navigate though daily life stressors. I strive to create a safe and secure environment where young children can grow and learn, not only intellectually, but also as productive members of society.

I consider teaching a great privilege and honor that I share equally with all my colleagues. I represent a whole group of educators who believe that being an educator is more than giving lectures and grading school work.

East Palo Alto, California has been my home since 1994, where I reside with my husband and one of my three children.

We hope you'll have a chance to meet and hear from both Anne and Veronica at Forget-Me-Not! 
Their passion and outstanding commitment to our youth and school communities is inspiring.