Wish List

Please help us freshen up our collection of board games that are used during counseling sessions with students. Games help create a safe, comfortable and playful environment, where the therapist-client relationship can naturally deepen. Students benefit from this connection and they're able to learn and practice the skills necessary for healthy emotional development. Our current collection is outdated with signs of wear and tear.

We’ve listed the games needed below. We would be grateful to receive 4-5 of each and have linked the images below to Amazon. Gently used games (with all pieces intact) are welcome as well. Games can be shipped or dropped off at our office: 2483 Old Middlefield Way, Suite 201, Mountain View, CA 94043. Monetary donations towards the purchase of these games are accepted too. For further questions or to make arrangements, please contact Sarah Kremer at sarah@acknowledgealliance.org. Thank you so much!