At K-8 schools, teachers refer students to counseling after recognizing a need for social and emotional support above and beyond what is possible to offer in a full classroom setting.

At alternative Court and Community Schools (grades 9-12), Acknowledge Alliance provides counseling services to the most at-risk teens who have been expelled from their local schools or are on probation in San Mateo County. These are students facing the greatest life adversities - poverty, coerced gang involvement, first hand witness to violent deaths, loss of family members, discrimination, and abuse. After students exit from the Court and Community Schools, we help them successfully transition back into their public high school by providing counseling and resources on campus at all of the Sequoia Union High School District's comprehensive and alternative high schools. The teens who receive our counseling services gain insight into how their life experiences drive their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; learn to regulate their responses to emotional stimuli; become more empowered to speak up and advocate for themselves appropriately; develop increased trust and the ability to choose healthier relationships; improve their school engagement; find compassion for themselves and each other; and experience renewed hope and a glimpse of a future with new possibilities.

Our professional staff of licensed clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, and psychologists provides supervision and training to clinical interns who in turn provide students individual and group therapy. We are committed to building the pipeline of talented mental health professionals by placing Master’s and Psy.D students at school sites to directly support students.